In-house production /  in-depth production

CNC manufacturing.
CNC manufacturing
CNC manufacturing
CNC manufacturing

It is ATP’s corporate philosophy to get involved in all details. This applies not only to component development, but also to the production and assembly of finished items. We call it: One-Hand-Responsibility. Everything is done as if “cast as a single piece”.

The CAM system comprises CNC lathes with rotating tools and Y axes for the individual parts of the hydraulic cylinder, as well as CNC milling and bore machining centers for three-dimensional machining operations.

Cylindrical maximum dimensions: with OD from 8 to 1,200 mm (47 inches) and lengths of up to 6,500 mm (255 inches).
Cubic maximum dimensions:
machining of three-dimensional housings in small and high quantities with outside dimensions of up to 600 × 600 × 800 mm (23 × 23 × 31 inches).
Aluminium, steel, cast iron and stainless steel.

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