Power pack design

Our engineers have the experience and can solve complex tasks, whether for complete systems or single components. Our customers’ objectives are prime considerations in our decision making process. We strive for the ultimate solution for wide-ranging challenges, which may include: space restriction, ambient temperature range, noise level regulation and environmental obligations.

ATP’s power pack design provides superior reliability and long service life, focusing on efficiency, output volume and, last but not least, quality workmanship.

Sometimes customers send us the frame raw steel construction – we then assemble the parts or other modules to form-finish a complete turnkey machine.

All products (prototypes, small and large production runs), undergo an in-depth test procedure before shipping. We can handle oil tank volume of up to 8,000 l (2,100 gal), with installed power of 6 × 200 kW.

Our load simulation test stand can simulate realistic load conditions, so that the customers receive the power pack they can trust and rely on.

power pack design

standard power pack range

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Custom-designed power pack with modular plate system.
Custom-designed power pack with modular plate system