Quality as a philosophy

ISO 9001 certified since 1995
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

ATP's quality politics is derived from the following principles:

Accurate with your requests. Trusty with the delivery. Partnership.

All employees aim is to fulfil the customer's requests. Our broad know-how permits us to design and manufacture our products and services customised.

The date observance is our constant endeavour. If inevitable problems occur, we inform our customers promptly.

With a partnership behaviour within and outside the company we obtain motivated employees and content customers and suppliers.

A principle at ATP is the avoidance of errors, and not the search for them. Therefore it needs an infrastructure, which corresponds to the high requirements of the today's technique. The quality securing program at ATP observes our own production as well as our suppliers deliveries, the application technology, sales, as well as favourable working conditions.

The working morale at ATP is founded upon on the basis of confidence and equality on all employees. These foundation is needed to deliver the best possible products error free and competitively! In order to handle large-scale projects without excessive risk correctly and in time, it requires a good organisation and confidence from both sides.

We know to handle with confidence. Test us!

ISO Certificate

Let's do it!

The company philosophy of the ATP Hydraulik AG has up to today always been the same. Together with our customer we want to find solutions. It may be engineering, single or serial production of switching blocks or drives of all kind. Everything with the newest technologies in the hydraulic industry.

For each application, we are capable of finding correct and economical solutions.