Portrait and Movie

Fascination with hydraulics is a way of life at ATP. A broad range of possibilities has been developed from the hydraulics principles. It started from a one-man operation and grew into an important SME.

In 1973, the signs were mixed. The economy was in the doldrums surrounded by the prevailing forces of recession. It was against this background that ATP, our technical products incorporated company, came into being. With capital of only 5,000 francs, but with good ideas and a lot of hard work, the young company was launched.

Computers were still mechanical, telex with perforated tape served as a communication device, while white-out fluid was used for covering the typos that were made on the typewriter. In the 40 years that followed, ATP Hydraulik underwent rapid development. But solid consistency has remained at the core of our company’s values.

We develop highly engineered solutions for user-specific requirements, while our production supports Switzerland as an industrial centre. Our customers benefit and can take advantage of a professional, established team, behind which a lean and efficient, unrelenting management stands guard. ATP is a well-established family business.

Customer worldwide rely on the outstanding know-how of ATP Hydraulik:
Innovation, precision, perfection!